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Reconnect an account UX

Continuous Access

Continuous access to payroll data & functionality is achieved through a concept we refer to as Linked Accounts. Once enabled, a user’s payroll account is linked to Atomic, allowing you to interface with it and receive ongoing updates to data.

  • 💼  Monitoring for adjustments to employment & income.
  • 💸  Monitoring for changes to a user’s direct deposit distribution.
  • 🗓  Retrieving new paystubs & timesheets.
  • 🔒  Monitoring for adjustments to a user’s identity information.

Atomic will periodically refresh a user’s payroll data and proactively push updates to your designated webhook endpoint.

deposit-switch-removedA deposit switch that was previously added has now been removed.
statements-syncedStatement(s) were synced.
statements-addedStatement(s) were added.
income-syncedIncome data was synced.
income-updatedIncome data was updated.
timesheets-syncedTimesheet(s) were synced.
timesheets-addedTimesheet(s) were added.
employment-syncedEmployment data was synced.
employment-updatedEmployment data was updated.
identity-syncedIdentity data was synced.
identity-updatedIdentity data was updated.
taxes-syncedTax data was synced.
taxes-addedTax data object(s) were added.
deposit-accounts-syncedDeposit account(s) were synced.
deposit-accounts-addedDeposit account(s) were added.
deposit-accounts-updatedDeposit account(s) were updated.
deposit-accounts-removedDeposit account(s) were removed.
linked-account-connectedA linked account has been connected.
linked-account-disconnectedA linked account has become disconnected.
task-workflow-finished The workflow for the user either has completed or failed - includes a failure reason.

Data can also be refreshed, and retrieved on-demand. Data can be pulled using the following steps:

  • 1

    Use our List Linked Accounts endpoint to locate an account for which you’d like to pull data.

  • 2

    Pass the linkedAccountId to our task creation endpoint to issue a refresh of the associated data.

  • 3

    Once you receive a task-status-updated event indicating that the task status is completed, use our API endpoints to retrieve the latest data, or subscribe to our employment data webhook events.

All endpoints require an identifier parameter and can optionally be filtered by linkedAccount.

GET /linked-accountsList linked accounts.
GET /incomeGet income data.
GET /statementsList all statements.
GET /deposit-accounts List deposit accounts.
GET /employmentGet employment data.
GET /taxesGet tax data.
GET /identityGet identity data.
GET /timesheetsList timesheets.
Reconnect an account UX

Occasionally, an account’s connection may be interrupted due to timeout restrictions, changes to credentials, or system updates. When an interruption is encountered, you’ll receive a linked-account-disconnected event.

Our Transact SDK can be used to reconnect an account that has encountered an interruption. By implementing the linkedAccount parameter of our SDK, the user can access the authentication flow directly, which will often not require the user to re-enter their credentials.