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Deposit - Best Practices

From our experience, the conversion rate of a direct deposit switching experience is tightly coupled with the incentive our customers choose to offer. Since it may take a user multiple attempts to authenticate with their payroll provider, it’s crucial to keep them motivated to move forward. It’s possible that they may even need to reset their password in order to complete the process.


We recommend experimenting with what works best for your user base, and making the incentive simple to understand. Ideally, incentives should be designed to promote a long term commitment to the banking relationship being established.

At Atomic, we have a capable research team that is dedicated to understanding the requirements for updating direct deposit for every employer. Unfortunately, not every situation allows the user to instantly switch their direct deposit by validating their credentials. In these cases, we make a best effort to provide precise step-by-step instructions on how the user can proceed.

Intro Screen

This may include calling a phone number, filling out a specific form, or visiting a website after logging into their employer-issued VPN. We recommend enabling this feature on your account to benefit from our research.

Some users may not be ready to move their entire direct deposit over to their newly created bank account. In order to overcome this, we recommend allowing users to build trust by enabling fractional deposits.

Fractional deposits

Where available, this will allow users to choose between a fixed amount, or a percentage of their deposit when configuring their new distribution. This feature can be enabled in the Features section of the Atomic Console.