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Deposit - Plan Your UX

Your introductory screen is your chance to introduce the concept of deposit switching to the user. Some items you may want to consider adding: a clear mention of your incentive, context on what the user is about to do, and a clear call to action.

Intro Screen

Depending on how you design your screen, you may want to skip our welcome screen and deeplink the user directly to the search experience.

Use Atomic's search (default)

Our search experience has been battle tested with millions of users and is regularly optimized based on our behavioral analytics. We've seen that customers who opt to use our search UI experience a smoother launch and higher conversion rates from the top of the funnel.

Atomic's Search

In the case where a user is unable to find their employer or payroll provider, we return them to your application with an event indicating that they were unable to find a suitable search result. Upon receiving this event, our customers typically initiate a manual deposit flow.

Or, build your own search

There are use cases where you may want to build your own search, or provide the user with a narrow list of search options to choose from. You may even know where the user is employed. If this describes your use case, or you have something else in mind, we’ve got you covered.

Build your own search
By combining our company search endpoint with Transact’s deeplink parameter, you can completely customize your search experience.

We will communicate back to your application using Transact's event listeners when Atomic does not cover the user’s employer or payroll provider. Upon receiving this event, we recommend sending the user to a backup method.

Manual Flow

Typically, this will involve providing them with their account information along with a pre-filled PDF that they can send to their employer.

Deposit Success Screen

Using Transact's Handoff feature, you're able to customize the final screen presented to the user. By default, we will show our screen indicating that the user has successfully connected their payroll account. Optionally, we can send the user directly back to your application, where you're able to present your own unique user experience.

Although it is not required for the integration, we recommend implementing our webhooks. By doing so, you’ll have access to the outcome of each user’s attempt to switch direct deposit. These webhook events can be leveraged to notify users of successful switches, but also to communicate with your users regarding failures.

Push Notification

There are cases in which users may re-attempt their deposit switch upon receiving a push notification of a failure. In order to maximize your conversion rate, we recommend notifying users of additional steps they can take to complete their direct deposit switching process.