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Enroll Administrators in EmployerLink

Use our no-code solution to enroll payroll administrators.

The first step to set up EmployerLink is enrolling payroll administrators. We’ve built out a no-code solution to streamline this process.

Follow these steps to get up and running:

  • Create an invite link for new Employers in Console.
  • Share the link with the payroll administrators.
  • Download the data directory.

We'll walk you through each of these steps to ensure a smooth process.

screenshot of the invite modal for employerlink

The first step is to go to the Atomic Console and create a "magic link" which you will be able to share.

Go to the Employer Invites Page in Console. From there you will be able to create links for each employer, which you can share with your customers' administrators. They will use these links to launch into the Transact SDK. From there, they will select the payroll system they use for their employees, provide access, and kickoff the integration process.

We've provided a mechanism to see the status of the links you share so you can monitor which Employers have completed the process. Each link is set to expire 1 week after creation due to the access code bundled with the link having an expiration. This is a security precaution to limit exposure of the access code. You can always create a fresh link if one has expired.

You can copy the link directly from the creation dialog box or come back and copy the link later, if that is needed.

Now that you have the link to invite your customer, you need to share it with them. You can share it any way you like; whether directly in an email, via Slack or Teams, or any other means you generally communicate directly with your customers. We recommend providing some context with the link to let them know what to expect and feel comfortable that this process is secure.

Additionally, sending the invite to those who have the capability to provide the necessary credentials for the payroll system will be most effective. Generally speaking, the target audience will be HR administrators, payroll administrators, or other managers who will have elevated access to the payroll systems. It is worth mentioning in your communication to your customers that they have a limited time to complete the process.

screenshot of a sample email inviting a customer to enroll in EmployerLink

Lastly, once the administrator has successfully connected their payroll system with Atomic, you will be able to view and/or download the data directory of employee information made available to you via your EmployerLink connection. Visit the Console to see the functionality provided and retrieve your data.

You should now be able to see your enrolled Employers in the Console. As mentioned above you can check Console to keep track of the progress on their behalf and see how many employees have been processed in our system.

Click the links below to read more about the Atomic API or available webhooks to see how to access to the data and use it to provide value to your stakeholders.